Monday, April 30, 2007

Firecrackers in the Sky

One night last week, my sister came to pick up her children, Jasmine and Joseph, to take them back home. As usual, I walked them out to the car so that I could soak up every second I have left with them until they return back to our house, which will actually be in a day or two. (Jasmine and Joseph basically live with us.)

As we were walking on the sidewalk that leads to the driveway, Jasmine, who is three-years-old, looked up at the nighttime sky and said, "Ann, there's firecrackers in the sky!"

At first I didn't know what she was talking about. "Firecrackers in the sky?"

Her voice rang out again as she pointed out the firecrackers that were stuck in the sky.

I finally figured out what she was talking about. The firecrackers were stars. I was so excited that my baby had noticed the beautiful ornaments that God decorated the night sky with. When I was a child, I also thought that the night sky was beautiful and enchanting.

I smiled, lifted Jasmine up in my arms, and explained that those are stars in the sky, not firecrackers.

"Stars?", she asked.

"Yes, my honey. Stars..."

At that very moment, I wished that I could also look up at the sky and enjoy the twinkling stars that looked down on us. But most of all, I wished that I could see the smile on my rabbit's face. Jazz was so happy looking up at the stars. I just wanted to enjoy the sight of her looking up in the sky.

I quickly shifted my attention from my disappointment that I couldn't see, and placed my attention back on my honey. Her excitement and happiness was enough for the both of us. I just borrowed some of her joy and soaked myself in it.

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