Sunday, April 29, 2007

United 93

Last Sunday night, I was feeling a little bored, so I asked my sister to tell me what was on Time Warner Cable's On Demand. Aftrer reading a laundry list of movies under HBO On Demand, I told her to go ahead and start the movie, United 93.

Now, this is the thing... I made a decision to never watch United 93, The World Trade Center, or any other movie about September 11th. The pain and horror of that day was so dense and intense that I really hate to revisit it. But I went against my better judgement, and sat down on the couch and prepared myself for United 93, the movie.

Well, I wasn't prepared enough. Even though I couldn't see the movie,the images in my mind that were created as I was listening to the movie was horrifying. I found myself getting angry, sad, and confused, all emotions that I had the weeks following the morning of September 11, 2001.

Halfway into the movie, I started to turn the television off and go upstairs. But I was in too deep. I decided to stay the course. Because no matter how uncomfortable I was watching the movie, my discomfort cannot match the pain and utter horror the people that were on those planes felt. What I was going through was nothing. When the movie was over, I could go upstairs and sink into my pillow-top mattress. But the people that were on those four planes, along with the people that were in those buildings in New York and D.C., were the real victims. Those people are gone and gone forever.

As the movie ended, tears were running down my face. I pressed my face into the seat of the couch that I was lying on and let the sofa inhale my tears and sorrow.

After the movie ended, I got up off the sofa, wiped my eyes, ran upstairs, took a HOT bath, and jumped in my bed. I thought about all those people that perished that day. I wished that they could be doing the same thing I was doing that very moment.

God bless the victims of September 11th. God bless the victims' families and friends. God bless America.

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