Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I'm back, and I'm okay.

This is just a quick little note to let all of my readers know that Ms. Braden is alive and well. Hurricane Ike packed a powerful punch. But thankfully, the only thing that Hurricane Ike knocked out of mine was a few slacks in the fence and the access to electrical power.

Yes, I was one of the millions that reside in the Houston/Galveston/Beaumont area that had the most unfortunate, uncomfortable, annoying experience of living without electrical services. Of course, electrical power is a convenience and a downright modern day luxury. But trust and believe that electricity is a must if you plan to live a satisfying, productive, and functioning life in today's society. **Later today, I will blog about how this electrical outage had a direct impact on me.**

Plus, not having any lights is a public health crisis. Thousands, all over this area, including my mother, rely on electricity to:
* Keep their refrigerators cool, just so that their medication can stay a certain temperture.
* Keep their bodies cool, just to withstand their stress of being too hot so that they can stay well.
* Keep breathing machines working, just to keep the flow of oxygen in their bodies.
* Keep dyalysis machines going, just to keep the blood in their bodies clean of deadly toxens.

So, for all of those that act like residents of the Houston/Galveston/Beaumont area, which is basically all of Southeast Texas, were being crybabies because of not having lights, get over yourself. For many, electricity is the lifeline for life itself.

I will add to this post when I return back to my house. I'm headed to my job right now. But trust me, I will be back, and my fingers will be typing. I have plenty to say.

But before I sign off, allow me to declare that I am truly thankful that I did not suffer any loss of life or loss of personal property. God is fabulous!

But for all of those who did lose a loved one, their homes, or transportation in this awful storm, my heart and my prayers are extended your way. God bless you.

And for the hundreds of thousands that are still without lights, my prayers are also with you. We went eleven days without lights. I'm so glad that I didn't have to wake up to a twelth day. I'm truly sad that anyone has to continue to wake up to not having any power in the homes that they live in, especially if you paid your hard earned money to pay the thieves we all know as the "light company."

Again, I'm be back later this evening. Until then, be blessed and overwhelmed with insight, motivation, and peace.

Back with power,

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