Monday, September 29, 2008

Why do you come here?

Skeptical Brotha, a blog that I frequent a great deal, had this question posted on its site. So, I thought I would ask the same question, plus a couple more.

* Why do you come here to Nuvision for a Nuday?
* What have you learned/gained from reading this blog?
* What content on the blog do you find most interesting?
* What would you like to see more of?
* What do you think I can improve on, as it pertains to my skills as a blogger?
* Why do you visit the blog, but do not make comments or ask questions?
* Are you inspired by the content on the blog?
* Who are you? (Are you a blogger, fellow family member, my friend, one of my students, or what?)

I've noticed that people visit my blog from all over the world. I've also noticed that there are a couple, who visit the blog each day, but do not make comments. That's perfectly cool with me. I travel around to a number of blogs that I like, and never make a comment. But I'm starting to understand how not leaving any comments makes it difficult for the blogger to know how the content, quality, and style of his writing is impacting the reader.

Well, I'm not asking you to leave comments all the time. That's okay... But this time, I'm asking you to take the time to answer the above questions. I guess it's kind of like a quick little survey.

Have a beautiful week. I know that I will.

And thank you in advance for visiting my blog and for also answering the questions.


Angie B.

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