Monday, October 22, 2007

Recommended Blog: GhettoManga

Okay... This recommended blog of the week thing or every two weeks thing is really not working out for me. I'm way too busy (code word for undisciplined) to commit to a schedule like that. It's amazing in itself that I've kept this blogging thing up. So, with that being said, please be patient with me and just expect a recommended blog on whatever Monday I actually think to do it.

This Monday, I wanted to recommend a blog that I don't necessarily read, but I think it is interesting. It's my brotha, Samax's little joint on Blogger. (FYI... Samax is the brotha's wedding that I went to this weekend in Dallas. He married one of my inner cabinet friends. BTW: I went to college with both Samax and Charlene.)

This brotha uses this particular blog to discuss comics (That mostly.), hip hop, and culture. I check him out from time to time, not because I'm just a big time fan of comics, because I'm absolutely not... I check him out because I'm a fan of him. I'm not so impressed with his content. But I got mad respect for how the brotha lays it all out on paper. Y'all, Samax can write!

So check out his blog. If you like comic books and hip hop, you will be pleased. Also support his work. Show a brotha some love that's taking steps to tear down the white walls in the comic book industry so that black super heros can be on the cover page.

To no avail, I introduce .GhettoManga, a blog that is excellently written, diverse in thought and content, and a product of the good fruit of the Hip Hop Generation.

BTW: This brotha's blog is one of the blogs that inspired me to actually stay on the course when it comes to maintaining a blog. He also, through his writing, taught me to be comfortable in my skin as a writer. What I mean is that I learned to write about what you want to say. Don't write what you think others want you to say. If you do that, you're not a writer, you're a puppet.

Peace out,



Samax said...

thanks for the support, Angie!
you guys really should read my blog whether you are willing to admit liking comics or not! after all, it's just a blend of art and writing (that often manages to do what neither could do on its own).

you may find something you like, and i promise to only recommend something to you if (and ONLY if) i really think it's dope.

with all the contreversy these days surrounding hip hop (some of it HORRIBLY misguided), i believe the only cure for bad stuff is good stuff (as the scriptures says "do not return evil for evil, but overcome evil with good"), and i promise to tell you what's REALLY good!

peace, fam!

Angela L. Braden, Writer, Speaker, Professor said...

Hey Samax! I was so glad to see you this past weekend. Boy, seeing you was the highlight of my weekend. I was glad to see Charlene, but I hadn't seen you in nearly 10 years.

Samax, I tell you what... I'll start checking out your blog more often. You're right... I never expect you to recommend anything wack.

Well, keep in touch.