Saturday, October 13, 2007

What disability do you think would be the worst to live with?

This month is Disability Awareness Month. Yes, everybody got a month... LOL

Well, even though I pretty much only write about disability related issues as it pertains to me and my blindness, I wanted to spend a little time addressing other disability groups. And I can start the discussion with this post.

A few months ago, I attended a disability awareness training at my job. The first question the trainer asked our group was, "What disability would you hate to have to live your life with?"

"Good question.", I thought.

And since I'm living with a disability that was sure to be on somebody in my group's list, I felt a little strange, or cursed, if you will. But that's an entirely different post. I'll revisit that train of thought another time.

Well, I want to pose the question to my readers. And be honest...
What would be the top 3 disabilities you would hate to live with? And why?
Think about it and post your answer. I'm eager to get your response.

FYI... Since I'm already blind, I told the trainer I would hate to be deaf and blind at the same time, paraplegic, and mentally retarded.
A. I would hate to be deaf/blind because that would be completely and utterly terrible. To not be able to hear and see... The very thought makes me shutter on the inside. I can imagine that communicating, relating to others, enjoying life, building relationships, and learning would be darn near impossile.
B. Walking, running, bending, stopping, climbing stairs, and getting on and off the floor is apart of my everyday life. I can't imagine being so dog on restricted by that kind of disability. I might not can see, but I'm free to move, to run, to get in the tub, to use the toilet without assistance, to slide my underwear on, to basically do anything I can figure out how to do without sight. And that's a lot more than what I could do if I was restricted to a wheelchair.
C. Because my mind is like my greatest asset, I can't imagine being cognatively impaired. I can't imagine not being able to use my mind to create, to be free, to strategize, to analyze, to imagine, to daydream, to write, to speak, to clarify, to judge... You get my point.

So, what about you? Be honest. And if blind is one of your answers, don't think my feelings gon' be hurt. I hate the idea of living life with blindness too. **smile**


Mes Deux Cents said...


First, I just found your blog for the first time, we both like the film Mo' Better Blues. I read some of your posts and find them really interesting, partly because I have a disability too. Which leads me to the next thing, answering your question.

I really don't know if I could pick another disability. I suffer from clinical depression, social phobia and agoraphobia. They are all interelated. These maladies on some days are almost comlpetely debilitating. So imagining some other malady which would be equally or more debilitating is not something I want to do.

however, recently I was sitting and thinking about a post I wanted to write about relationships and it occured to me that probably one of the worst disabilities to have would be the inabilty to love.

I know that that isn't a physical disability but I think it might qualify. And there are actually people who are unable to love or feel loved. That to me would be the worst disability to have. The gift of love is I think the most precious thing and maybe really the only thing we have when it's all said and done.

Thanks, I really like your blog!

Angela L. Braden, Writer, Speaker, Professor said...

Thanks Mes Deux Cents for stopping by and commenting.

Yes, the ability to love is a wonderful gift from God. The ability to love and to sense love... Both gifts are wonderful.

Well, come back and continue to post. I enjoy having guest.


CongoBrava said...

hm...well this is quite the interesting question...i think, for me...this would be my list

1. to be deaf, blind at the same time (for reasons similar to your own)
2. to have a mental disability (anything from mental retardation to add)
3. to be paraplegic (again, for reasons not dissimilar for the ones you listed).

i love your blog, continue writing. :)

Anonymous said...

1. I would hate to be death. My main reason is because I love music and without it I would probably go insane but also because I love to listen to people. And sign language would be way to hard to learn.

2. I would probably go insane if I were paralyzed because there's a huge difference between not wanting to do things on your own and not being able to do things on your own.

3. Last would def. have to be carple tunnel or arthritis in my hands... its not a major disability but it would def have its affect on my love for writing. I dont think I would like it to much if it hurt to pick up a pen.


Anonymous said...


Your posts are always so insightful and stirs a mixture of emotions and thoughts within me. You are a blessing. Here are my answers to this post:

1. Quadriplgic or Parapalegic. I don't think I would want to continue living if I lost all feeling and movement from my neck down or waist down. Especially if I lost the ability to communicate.

2. Alzheimers.

3. Head injury or brain disease that left me incapacitated but alive... re: a Terry Schiavo type situation.


Angela L. Braden, Writer, Speaker, Professor said...

Hello Congobrava, Thanks for stopping by. And thanks for commenting. I appreciate it. *smile*

Hey Tae'! What's happening, my sistah? You alright?
Yes, I can't imagine not being able to hear music. I also love music. I come from a family of singers and musicians. So, my love for music and sound runs deep.

My friend, Asa, How are you, my brotha? I hear you regarding your thoughts about what it would be like to live life with a brain injury or debilitating brain disease. My mom had a stroke a few years ago. Trust me, the damage that stroke can do the brain is staggering. It ain't a pretty picture.

To all of you, thank you for taking time to answer my little question. Probably tomorrow I will post why I even asked this question. There is a reason. *grin*

Love y'all!