Monday, November 03, 2008

Vote for Change!!!

I'll remember October 30, 2008 for the rest of my life. That unforgettable afternoon, I was able to cast a vote for Senator Obama to be President of the United States of America.

I voted for my darling mother, a retired school teacher of 25-years, who has been permanently disabled due to a stroke.
I voted for my babies, Jasmine, Joseph, and Gabrielle, hoping that my vote would contribute to the possibility of a safe and prosperous life for them when they graduate from children, to teens, to young adults, and to their mature years.
I voted for my father, Thurman the Plumber, who is and always have been a hard working, tax paying, proud American.
I voted for my family member, who cannot vote because Texas has stolen her right to vote, along with thousands and thousands of others, due to being on community supervision and/or in prison.
I voted for the millions of Americans with disabilities, who deserve to have a "real" advocate in the White House, one that is truly interested in looking out for people with disabilities.
I voted for all the black boys and girls, who needed a current day example that they really can be President of the United States when they grow up.
I voted for all of my brown brothers and sisters, who have come to this country, hoping for a better chance at living their dreams.
I voted for all the students, who are dropping out of high school, partly because of a lack of educational supports and services designed for that particular population.
I voted for all the older African Americans, who thought they would never see a Black POTUS in their lifetime.
I voted for all the working class people in this country, who should have someone in the White House that is concerned about their daily struggle to live from check to check.
I voted for the millions of Americans, including myself, who are uninsured, possibly ill, definitely in need of preventive medical services, and/or in need of medical maintenance services.
I voted for my deceased paternal grandparents, who worked as share croppers in Louisiana, picking cotton for a inhumane wage.
I voted for my deceased maternal grandparents, who cleaned the toilets of racist white people that looked down on them.
I voted for my African American ancestors, who only dreamed that this opportunity would one day come for their children, their children's children, their grandchildren's children, and their great-grandchildren's children.
I voted for all of those Americans, who were uninformed and, uninspired, and too irresponsible to register to vote in this historical election.
I voted for all of the undecided voters, who I believe could not push pass their bias enough to vote for Senator Obama.
I voted for myself, a woman who honestly believes that the man I voted for will consider the concerns of the multiple demographic groups I represent.

If you have not voted yet, I implore you to go to the poles tomorrow and let your voice be heard. Cast your vote for change, change you really can believe in.

Obama 2008 - 2016

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